My name is Jagdish Kumawat. Currently working as RPA Developer in MNC. I have interests in RPA, Chatbots, Cloud Computing and Web Development. During my free time, I work as a freelancer creating chatbots and build amazing RPA solutions for my clients.

I did my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I never wanted to work in an IT company because I never liked programming. The way I was taught programming is the main reason for not liking it. Yes, you guessed it right, remember the programs and write in exams without knowing the logic behind them.

After graduating from college, I started searching for non technical jobs. I always had an interest in photography. Got into one company as Photography Intern. Worked their for 1 month and learnt a lot. I got to handle the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and worked on Miniature photography. It was an amazing experience for me. I was asked to buy a full frame sensor camera by the company so that I can go on independent photo shoots. I did not had the money to buy the camera and also cannot ask my parents to give so left the company without becoming a permanent employee.

Another interest was in Travelling. In couple of months, got into the Startup company as Travel Expert. No, I did not go on tours around the world. I was working on searching properties for the clients to stay in while they travel. I gave them recommended Hotels/Apartments/BnB/Motels/Resorts based on their budgetary requirements. Once the client finalize the property, we book the stay on behalf of them and send them the confirmation. I got to learn the client mentality during the travel and learned a lot about our Earth Geography. It was like, we know what property we had to recommend and what amenities it had based on the location we got.

This was the company that sparked an interest in Programming. The UI of the website was amazing. I always wondered, how the developer would have created it. The best part was., whenever our team reported any bug in the website, the developer would resolve in minimum time possible. I asked the developer that I want to learn programming, how do I get started? He suggested to start with Python first. With the knowledge of Python, you can easily move to any other programming language.

Well, that was the turning point for my journey in Programming. I enrolled in Python Fundamentals from Udacity. Unfortunetly, I was laid off from the company becuase they were incurring huge losses and they decided to shut it down. Within a month, I got into another company. The work I got was related to the work I did as a Travel Expert. Here I worked on Google Maps backend servers. The work was on the HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks) to determine if the Google Maps establishments were genuine properties (Hotels/BnB/Apartments/Motels/Resorts) and mark them based on the category. During my work tenure, I was also learning Python.

After I finised my course in Python, I started applying for Software Developer roles in various companies. While still working on HITs, I landed a job as Trainee Software Engineer in a reputed MNC company. I left the previous job and joined the 4 months training provided by the MNC. It was one of the most amazing learning experience I had in the field of Programming. I just loved it. The way our instructors taught was fantastic. I would gurantee you, 4 years of CS degree knowledge < 4 months of training knowledge.

This was all about me on the journey of becoming a programmer.