Let me tell you the various functionalities this bot will have -

  • Add Products
  • Update Products
  • Remove Products
  • View All Products

This bot will act as a backend bot for the E-commerce chatbot that we are building using Microsoft Bot Framework.

We will use Azure Cosmos DB to store all the products. Below are the properties of the products defined -

  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Product Price
  • Product Image URL

You can also add the rating to it. It’s completely based on your preference. The product image URL will be used for creating an Adaptive Card that will be presented to the user.

The Admin will be guided by the chatbot to perform his work on maintaining the Product DB.

Here is the overall design of this chatbot.

Design of Admin Chatbot

Design of Admin Chatbot

Demo Video

Get the Source Code from here.

Thank you All for reading this far. Appreciate your time.

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