Did this ever happen to you?

Two men from a completely different profession meet each other and think that the other man has a better profession than himself.

Being an IT professional, I met a photographer during a wedding. My WFH office was on the move from one place to another. The photographer came to me and enquired about my work, what I do, what I create, how is the life of an IT engineer, and so on. Same way, I enquired about him. He was not much educated. He held an amazing camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark III) which I dream of buying and going on independent photoshoots leaving my IT career.

I said to myself that he has a wonderful life operating one of the best cameras in the market. Similarly, he thought the same thing about me that I have a wonderful life in IT.

It is the common human tendency of liking other things than they like about themselves or owning it. We do our part and always think something is lacking and become unhappy about it.

Just three simple rules to practise -> Ask, Believe, Receive -> by Rhonda Byrne.

Ask what you want, believe that you already have it and finally receive it.

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Skilled in Microsoft Technologies, Bot Framework, Test Automation and Core Java. Also, have strong knowledge of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Interested in RPA, Cognitive Services, and Chatbot Technology.