What is the future if someone decides to work on Azure Bot Technology? I do not want to give a 3rd party example, I will give an example of myself.

I started working on Microsoft Bot Framework v4 .NET C# in April 2019. Initially, everything was new to me. Nobody knew this tech or they knew the v3 bots. I had to rely completely on Microsoft Bot Framework Official Documentation provided by Microsoft.

I read it like a book, again and again. If I ever get stuck during the bot development, the first option was to read about the topic again from the documentation. This helped me get a better understanding of the framework. Every time I read any topic, I always learned new things.

Slowly, when I got a good grasp of the technology, I started building personal bots/personal projects. I had to be recognized for my work, therefore, I started a YouTube channel teaching Microsoft Bot Framework from basics.

Now, I wanted to expand my reach by creating a portfolio and more projects to attract potential clients. With this, I started writing blogs on chatbots, the cloud, and RPA.

The thought about writing blogs came to me when I got my first client from YouTube. I wanted more clients, so started writing about it.

The answer to the question -

What is the future if someone decides to work on Azure Bot Technology?

The future will be amazing because you are working on one of the best enterprise bot development framework provided by Microsoft. Many companies prefer Azure Bot technology due to easy development and deployment with limited steps. You have many readymade templates and source code available for almost any requirement.

Some quick stats and facts about my journey -

  1. My initial bot development charges = $10 per hour
  2. My current bot development charges = $35 per hour
  3. My initial Teaching charges = $5 per hour
  4. My current Teaching charges = $10 per hour
  5. I worked with more than 10 clients.
  6. My earning from getting my 1st client is $5330 in 10 months (It is less compared to other successful freelancers, but I am very happy because I just work for 1/2 hours daily freelancing).
  7. I plan on leaving my full-time job and becoming a full-time freelancer.
  8. My initial target is $1500 per month after I leave my full-time job.
  9. My final target before I register the brand JD Bots is $10000 per month.

Thank you All!!! Hope you find this useful.

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Skilled in Microsoft Technologies, Bot Framework, Test Automation and Core Java. Also, have strong knowledge of the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Interested in RPA, Cognitive Services, and Chatbot Technology.